Open Finance!

dhi4dev aims to play its part in bringing forth a new era of financial renovation, freed from the corruptive force of debt-money governed by usury.

As an Think Tank rooted in both the Islamic Tradition and the Blockchain space, dhi4dev is uniquely equipped to provide an insightful and discriminate viewpoint to all those willing to see the new possibilities of programmable money and trustless protocols applied safely and soundly into the troubled age we live in.

Our mission is to mine the ocean of knowledge and blueprints provided to mankind through the Deen of Islam and use it to refine and drive the rich performative power of blockchain.

We aim to mint significant content pieces to help build use cases from the grassroots, empowering local social businesses in search of fair and sound financial models together with financial actors committed to developing a new, open financial system.

Let’s open finance together, fisabillah!